Whipstock orientation

GYRO is used for correct whipstock orientation, which is most important step of successful casing “window” cutting operation.


Whipstock orientation is easy and transparent operation, so if any undesired turn in azimuth would occur, it most likely related to deviation during uncontrolled hole deepening after cutting the «window».

Whipstock orientation

Orientation is base stage that pushes sidetrack wellbore to required direction. So using reliable and precision tools to perform whipstock orientation shall not be ever overestimated, as well as evaluating additional factors which may influence orientation process.

Whipstock orientation

Orientation of whipstock (see picture) is performed by rotating drillstring in desired direction to position concave in planned kickoff azimuth or direction.

GYRO tool is used to measure and control whipstock concave direction, it shall be run thru drillstring to set in UBHO sub (PORSH-86), which provides tool position secured relatively to whipstock.


See GYRO survey schematic picture below for reference:

Whipstock orientation

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