Laser metal treatment

Laser surface treatment is type of heat material treating performed by laser. Lasers transform target areas on metal parts by controlled localized heating while preserving the metallurgical properties of the base material.

Area of thermal impact is defined and controlled by computer, so there is no damage or change in initial dimensions and geometry. That's why laser is optimal solution for cases where conventional heat treatment methods (induction heat, plasma and etc) can not be applied. 

Laser is perfect option to perform surface treating of parts of complicated geometry Depth of hardening is about 0.1-1.5mm, but can be exceeded up to 2.5-3mm for some type of metals if required.  

Laser heat treating process:

  • heating material to temperature below melting temperature (900-1400 °С). 40% of power to be accumulated by surface. Such temperature initiates phase transition and change in crystal structure (austenization).
  • laser moves from segment to segment once required temperature has been reached;
  • subsequent cooling of surface segment because of temperature transition to the internal layers of material;
  • high dispercity structure is formed in surface layer of material after cooling, hardening up to 2-4 times above of hardness of base material.


  • cylindrical parts (shafts, rings, spacers, bushes and etc);
  • tools cutting edges hardening;
  • thread connection protection;
  • Stabilizers, reamers, drill bits;
  • MWD parts hardening.


  • hardening of complex parts, small size objects.
  • full process control (temperature and exposure time might be precisely adjusted).
  • no preliminary heating is required.
  • no deformation.
  • significant time saving.
  • low energy consuming. 
  • high corrosion and wear resistance.

Laser heat treating has no limitation by time of exposure, that can provide high efficiency and large cover area of surface hardening.

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