PDC Drill bits and Stabilizers repair

Timely repair and maintenance is one of effective tool to manage PDC Drill bit performance and profit. There are a lot of different loads and impacts applied to PDC Drill bits in process of drilling: PDC cutter abrasive wear, cutters damage from vibration or direct impact. PDC Drill bit is quite expensive part of drill string, so qualified repair and maintenance extends product’s life and help to manage costs of manufacturing or purchasing new bits.

Special methodology is used to evaluate wear grade, rationality and repair cost. Each bit is subject for individual inspection, our specialists estimate current condition of each bit’s element, review previous running records and repair history. Repair list is created basing on initial inspection to specify all required operations and maintenance processes to renew or change bit elements, as well as give evaluation of two most important criteria when repair is justified:

  • Repair cost shall not exceed cost of new bit;
  • Repaired bit features, parameters and durability shall be equal to new one at the same downhole conditions. 

PDC Drill bit repair service includes:

  • PDC cutter inspection, its change or refurnish;
  • Cutter’s seats remedial;
  • Redress hard facing areas;
  • repair of flow ports & nozzles;
  • Remedial of gauge diameter up to 5% from nominal OD;
  • Change or repair connection.

«CITRIN-SERVICE» is full cycle manufacturing company and has a great experience in PDC Drill bits repair, bit running service, design and manufacturing Drill bits for different formations and lithology. All these in combination with using new NDT equipment can guarantee top quality of service.

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