We provides a wide range of downhole milling tools in different size and configuration, manufactured by our own design and technology.

There are many types of tools presented in our portfolio: junk mill, ring mill, blade junk mill, casing mill, taper mill, pilot mill, window mill, lead mill, follow mill, water mellon mill, bit mill, Barracuda series mills (Barracuda Junk Mill, BARRACUDA Stabilized Junk Mill).

These are steel body milling tools, made of 40XN, 40XN2MA alloy steels materials or analogs, heat treating is in use to boost proper mechanical features.

Milling surface can be flat, spherical, concave or bulb shape.


There several types of cutter structure dressing are in use:

  1. High quality crushed tungsten carbide impregnated in Ni-Brass matrix.
  2. High quality tungsten carbide inserts VK8-VK, VK11-VK as per GOST 3882.
  3. Different class (premium P to standard S) of PDC inserts.

Different combination of cutting structure and elements in one design allows to gain maximum milling performance downhole.


All milling tools can be split into 3 groups:

  1. Light milling (dressed up to 30-40 % of milling surface).
  2. Moderate milling (dressed up to 50-60 % of milling surface).
  3. Heavy milling (dressed up to 70-80 % of milling surface).

Mill body has proper hydraulic system to provide continuous flow of circulation mud, optimal milling surface cooling and removing all sort of junk out of bottom.


There might be stabilizer or centralizer elements in design of Mill to provide precise positioning in the wellbore while operating. This option allows to protect casing pipe wall from damage while milling operations.

Correct milling tool has to be chosen basing on downhole conditions and certain fishing incident details. That's why we can propose serial Mills as well as customized solutions depends on specific case of application.

Our professional engineers are capable to design downhole milling tools in full compliance with technical task to address specific operation and well conditions or offer ready-to-purchase solutions to pursue best performance.

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